Contestant Team
A team consists maximum of 3 students.

  1. All team members are expected to attend the day’s activities, starting with Registration. No team member may participate in the Contest unless s/he is present for the start of the contest.
  2. Exceptions can be made by the Registrar in consultation with the Contest Director.
Permitted Materials

  1. You can bring along non-electronic resources such as dictionary, 25 page printed paper documents. Contest officers will check them before the contest. Declare your materials early to the contest officers.
  2. During the contest, you may use any online documentation that has been installed by the ATURKREATIF 2011 organizers, as part of the contest environment.
  3. Contestants are NOT allowed to bring ANY electronic devices onto the Contest floor. This rule includes electronic calculators, watches with calculators, PDAs, cellular phones, pagers, laptops, and personal audio and/or video players. We will be collecting these items in the computer labs. If you don’t want to leave them at home, we suggest that you arrange with your coach or other non-contestant to hold the items for you during the contest. We will allow watches without calculator or programming functions, medical devices such as glucometers, and cameras. Although care will be taken, the Contest Officials accept no responsibility for the return condition of any items they hold.
  4. As a reminder, machine-readable versions of software or data are NOT permitted to be brought in the contest room. In other words, leave the CDs, DVDs, USB flash disks, etc., at home. We will disable CD drives and USB ports on the workstations during the contest.

Permitted Resources

  1. During the contest, contestants are to use only the network to submit contest problems or questions, and get responses from the contest officials.
  2. Connecting to any other computer on the LAN or internet, either before or during the contest, with telnet, FTP, Web browser, email, or any other network application will make the team disqualified from the contest.

Conduct of the Contest

  1. The acceptable contest languages are C, C++, and Java.
  2. Submission of completed codes is through PC^2(PC Squared) system. If you are not familiar with PC^2, check this out at before coming to the contest.
  3. Notification of both accepted and rejected runs will continue from the beginning of the first team’s submission through the end of the contest.
  4. Scores will continue to be updated through the end of the contest, until the last 1 hour.
  5. All teams who solve at least one problem will be ranked.
  6. Ranking will be determined: 
·         First by number of problems solved
·         Second by total elapsed time to each solution (measured to the second) plus a 1200-second (20-minute) penalty per rejected submissions for problems that are , not with their eventually solved;
·   And third by the fewest number of rejected submissions for problems that are eventually solved.